Friday, 30 August 2013

5 Medieval Women Writers

Leonor López de Córdoba, author of Memoirs of Doña Leonor López de Córdoba.
Her short autobiography (of nine pages) includes an eyewitness narrative of the siege of Carmona (Seville). It was written in the early 15th century.

Teresa of Cartagena, author of The Grove of the Sick and Wonder at the Works of God  (Admiratio Operum Dei).
She was a Spanish nun, who became deaf mute in the 1450s. Her works are the earliest feminist texts in Spanish.

Florencia Pinar, author of several poems.
They were included in the lyric collections of the period (late 15th c).

Constanza de Castilla, author of a Devotionary (ca. 1474).
She was the prioress of Santo Domingo el Real (Madrid).

Isabel de Villena, author of Vita Christi.
She also wrote several treatises and a mystical work, the Speculum Animae, now lost.

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