Wednesday, 5 June 2013

40 Masterpieces of Short Fiction

'The Cop and the Anthem', by O. Henry

'Letter to a Young Lady in Paris', by Julio Cortázar

'The Fiddler', by Herman Melville

'The Sire de Maletroit's Door', by Robert Louis Stevenson

'Wakefield', by Nathaniel Hawthorne

'The Nose', by Nikolai Gogol

'Undr', by Jorge Luis Borges

'Believe in God', by Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer

'The Stranger', by Pedro Antonio de Alarcón

‘Mr. Higginbotham’s Catastrophe’, by Nathaniel Hawthorne

'Peter and Rosa', by Isak Dinesen

‘Misery’, by Anton Chekhov

'Mister Taylor', by Augusto Monterroso 

'The Fall of the House of Usher', by Edgar Allan Poe

'The Southern Highway', by Julio Cortázar

'Marriage à la Mode', by Katherine Mansfield

'The Raincoat', by Max Aub

‘The Buried Treasure’, by Erckmann-Chatrian 

'The Circular Ruins', by Jorge Luis Borges

'The Oval Portrait', by Edgar Allan Poe 

'The Drover's Wife', by Henry Lawson

'Drifting', by Horacio Quiroga

'Foot-prints on the Sea-shore', by Nathaniel Hawthorne

'Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius', by Jorge Luis Borges

‘The Third Person’, by Henry James

'The Overcoat', by Nikolai Gogol

'Leopoldo (his travails)' (Stories), by Augusto Monterroso

‘The Body Snatcher’, by Robert L. Stevenson

'Il Conde' (A Set of Six), by Joseph Conrad

‘The Necklace’, by Guy de Maupassant

‘Continuity of Parks’, by Julio Cortázar

'The Stars. The Tale of a Provencal Shepherd' (Letters from my Windmill), by Alphonse Daudet

'How I Got Rid of 500 Books', by Augusto Monterroso

'The Library of Babel', by Jorge Luis Borges 

'Wights Mountain', by Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer

'The Nail' (And Other Stories of Mystery and Crime), by Pedro Antonio de Alarcón

'The Arlesian Girl' (Letters from my Windmill), by Alphonse Daudet

'Journey Back to the Source' (War of Time), by Alejo Carpentier

'The Power of Childhood', by Leo Tolstoy

'Vint', by Anton Chekhov

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